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American Insider is an artistic project about the collective imagery that conforms the idea of America from a foreign perspective in a foreign land. The images that conform this series have been taken during a number of journeys outside the borders of United States.


The aspirations incarnated by the American Dream, expressed through pop culture and mass media, highly influenced the creation of a new global landscape. American Insider attempts to build a portrait of America through a body of work that emerges from light reflections from the outside.

Understanding photography as a media embedded in a set of mirrors, the project responds to a similar principle: to portray America through its projections and reflections outside its physical territory. The result is a work in progress where the journey is physical, but also imaginary, subjective, but indeed collective, false, but naturally genuine.

The images that conform the series present a multiplicity of layers that portray the simplicity and complexity of landscape within the aesthetic tradition. Places that trigger our collective imaginary, details that question the provenance of the image, nuances that inquiry our place in the world are the elements from which this body of work is constructed.

American Insider is the continuing record of a journey into a physical and psychological landscape as well as the aesthetic search for the American Dream, a concept that seems to be dying in the midst of a vanishing empire.

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