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By the end of the XIX century, with the explosion of the Industrial revolution, the world went through a significant change in the way the population lived, worked and interacted with one another. A rural exodus saw citizens heading from the country to the big cities, buzzing with people, stores, and social establishments such as bars and restaurants.


Over the years, with both technological and social advancement pressing forward, the cities became dehumanized, losing their original purpose as places for simple exchange and interaction. Changing with them, the quality of life for their inhabitants as they watched their homes transform into hostile territories.


In Citizen, I try to capture the human loneliness in the big metropolis. From London to Tokyo, going through Hong Kong or New York; any city is similar in this tendancy towards globalization. All big cities have something in common: how lonely a person can feel despite being surrounded by millions of fellow human beings.


My project has different points of view in which a human being can find themselves isolated and without a face, leaving passage to the cold buildings and shopping malls, that are now the protagonists of these metrópolis.


Citizen is a work in progress, one that I constantly shape to try and define the similarities between all of these metrópolis around the world. Showing a big global city, cold, hostile and dehumanized.

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